This is my initial project configuration. It has limited documentation and support. I'm working on providing a more complete code sample and Facebook Application. Please bear with me over the next week or so as I continue to update this project.

Thank you

Peter Corcoran

Project Description
This is an addon to the Facebook Developer Toolkit ( that makes supporting an ASP.NET MVC Application easier.

See my blog post at for information on implementing this project!

From the blog post:
"The Facebook Developer Toolkit (FBDT) is a great resource for people that are interested in developing a Facebook .NET application. FBDT is basically a .NET wrapper of the Facebook API. Unfortunately, the current approach taken by the FBDT for building web applications is straight WebForms & as such they use a class inheritance model which does not support an ASP.NET MVC application easily. The Facebook Developer Toolkit MVC Addon, makes supporting a Facebook ASP.NET MVC application a bit easier by adding support for web.config based configuration, & pre-controller-execution FacebookAPI setup via an Action Filter."

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